Planning; The First Steps for your Home Renovation

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Step 1. Pre-planning:

Before you call anyone about a renovation at your home, do some pre-planning first.  You already know you need to make your home more suitable to your needs.  Start doing brainstorming before you call the professionals.

Every home needs some personal touches and changes to make it work efficiently and effectively for the people who live there.  How do you begin to make the changes you need at your home?


Step 2. Identify Likes and Don’t Likes:

Your first move should be to identify what you do and don’t like about your home.

  • Everyone who lives in your home now needs to have a say in this.
  • What works for each of you now?
  • Why does a current space work well now? Is it convenient, the right size or the right color, etc.?
  • Where are your frustrations with the current spaces?


Step 3. Make a list:

  1. I Like:__________________________________________________
  2. I Don’t Like:_____________________________________________
  3. I Want:_________________________________________________
  4. I Need:_________________________________________________

Ask everyone in your household to fill out this sheet with whatever ideas they have.  Be sure everyone understands that their views will be considered before any changes are made.

Not everyone will see the same good and bad points with the current capabilities of your home as it is now.  Kids see things differently from teens, or adults.  Kids grow, so you need to look at both their views now and how their needs are likely to change later.  Plan for transitions that are real and that will happen over time for your family.


Step 4. Compare Ideas:

Compare the information you get from everyone.

  • Find where there are common threads everyone agrees on.
  • Don’t assume you know what each person means by a comment.
  • Ask each person to explain their notes, so everyone can understand an idea in the same way.

Have each family member explain their vision in details.  A comment like “more space” needs further explanation.

  • What kind of space?
  • To do what?
  • Where should the space be?
  • Don’t focus on cost now. Reality can come later, after you know what you all want to change


Step 5. Prioritize your list of ideas:

Make a list by room and add specific details from everyone’s comments.

  • What is OK now?
  • Where to make changes?

Get consensus on change needs priorities.  What is most important to everyone, and what is less so?

Once you know where you want to go, the next step is to figure out what you can afford.  That’s where our team at Norbut Renovations comes in! We will help bring your vision to life.

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