Norbut Renovations Works with the Hearing Impaired

hearing impaired

Rochester Leads the Country for Working with the Deaf Community

Rochester has one of the largest deaf populations per capita in the nation. It has been the birthplace of organizations that celebrate and encourage the diverse abilities of the deaf, such as The Rochester Institute of Technology’s National Technical Institute for the Deaf, Deaf Artists of America, the theater group ‘Lights On’, and Deaf Life magazine.


Because of these facts about our area, Norbut Renovations wanted to take action and be a moving force in the deaf community. When approached with the opportunity to hire a deaf employee, Norbut Renovations was excited to open their door to a talented worker with great skills!


After seeing the architectural work and drawings of the interviewee, there was no doubt that hiring him was the right choice. Since then, there have been many opportunities to work with clients who are deaf, and who want to do a high-quality renovation for their home.


Communications with the Hearing Impaired Community

Communication is a HUGE part of the renovation business. It is essential for us to communicate easily during both the planning and construction work to achieve the quality projects we have completed.


Norbut Renovations is blessed to have the staff members who are hearing impaired. These employees have an advantage in working with our hearing impaired clients! They can easily understand all of our client’s wishes and visions for a renovation project. They can successfully complete the site work in the client’s home and can also work well with our design and support staff.


Services By and For the Hearing Impaired

Because the deaf community is so large in the Rochester area, Norbut Renovations hired two deaf team members who can work easily with both our clients and our staff. We believe strongly in the advantages and benefits of creating opportunities for all qualified people.

Opening the opportunity to a significant population of clients and potential employees has been a strong point for the company. Not many firms in the area offer the combination we have of easy and natural communications abilities and services for the hearing impaired.


Why Should You Consider Working with Norbut Renovations?

Despite the communication differences, Norbut Renovations works closely with members of the deaf community to achieve large additions, multi-room renovations, and whole home remodels. With our diverse staff, NR can complete any job despite the size or scope of work!

If you or a loved one is looking for the right firm to do a home renovation project, reach out to NR for help!

We are on your side and can complete the job that others can’t!