The Many Roles of a Kitchen Island

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1More Space to Gather

More than ever, residential design incorporates open floor plans for entertaining within the kitchen area. In order to accommodate family and guests, as well as the cook, the kitchen island has taken a front seat in kitchen design.

2More Space for Appliances

Not only does an island lend a hand to creating more space for people to gather, it is also a convenient place to put appliances such as a farmhouse sink, wall oven, or even a microwave drawer. With an extra bank of cabinets in the kitchen, there is more storage, and a place to hide away pots and pans and recycling bins. With the versatility of a kitchen island, designers and home owners use this ‘built-in’ piece of furniture as a strategic design piece.

3. Contrasting Design Piece

An island hold many functional roles, it can also be a contrasting design piece to the rest of the kitchen. Many are choosing to paint the island a complimentary color to the main kitchen cabinets. One of the most popular colors of kitchen islands is a light gray or sometimes even a pastel blue. It is neutral enough to match everything, and it adds an interesting and intriguing dimension to the kitchen. With most kitchen cabinets being painted white today, you can’t go wrong with a pop of color in the island!

Home  owners are also selecting a different material countertop from the main kitchen countertops. One of the most popular selections is a butcher block island top. This not only serves as a nice wood element, it is also functional for food prep. Butcher block is very durable and does not require much maintenance. It can also come in a variety of shades from rich and dark, to light and airy.

Whatever your design style, an island can add the best function and pleasing aesthetics to your kitchen! Call Norbut Renovations today for your custom island piece!

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