Why You Should Choose a Design/Build Firm


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Design/Build firm works with you on your Renovation project from conception to completion. They are masters in pre-planning up front, before the first hammer is even swung.


Planning will help you save time and money.  It will give you the framework to move forward with the project because you know what you want to achieve.

With a Design/Build firm, everyone is working under one contract and around the same table to discuss plans and details. Communication is streamlined, and the work gets done both swiftly and accurately.

2. Services

Design/Build Services:

  • This kind of firm can work with you from start to finish for both the design work and the site work. They can coordinate all the many resources that are needed for a great renovation project.
  • One firm handling both the design work and the site work means less coordinating work for you.
  • In many cases, the Design/Build option is the most cost and time effective way to bring your project to life.


Norbut Renovations is a true Design/Build firm.  We have staff who can work with you to create a Design Master Plan and handle the site work.

  • We can work with you from the start.
  • Help identify your wants and needs
  • Create a detailed Master Design Plan that includes a Line-by-line budget for labor and materials.
  • We have experienced Project Managers, Designers, Drafters, and Field workers to manage all aspects of the site work for you.
  • We use detailed checklists to be sure each step is done right and on time.


Call us at 426-4200 to talk about your project and how we can help you.

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